Israel VS Palestine Conflict- How did it Begin?

Persecution was and always will be the cause of uprising. It is the hostile treatment of people that is caused by judgment and racism.  Persecution can also occur because of politics and religion. For whichever reason, no person has the right to persecute another. In our history as human beings, persecution occurred in every significant era. Jesus was persecuted by the Romans. The Jews were persecuted by Hitler. Gandhi was persecuted by his own government. The list truly goes on.

Even in today’s day and age, persecution still persists. Take the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine. Their war is based on persecution. Their war stems from a belief that one group is better than another. They both occupy a land that they believe belongs to themselves and no one else.

What they fail to realize is that they occupy the same land because of persecution. If only they could realize that their predicament is one and the same, maybe the tension would not be so high between both camps. Maybe if they put aside their religious and political beliefs and allowed people to live their own way, none of this would be happening.

To understand why this war cannot presently be resolved, you must first learn the history of the Israel and Palestine conflict

Israel VS Palestine conflict

The Israel and Palestine conflict occurred a long time ago when the Nazi Holocaust was going on. Many people fleeing from the genocidal war found the perfect refuge in Palestine. The massive amount of refugees that immigrated to Palestine caused a terrible rift between Palestinians and Israelites. Palestine, at that time was still a British colony with many Jewish communities.

In 1947, The United Nations offered the Jewish immigrants majority of the land in what was to be known as the state of Israel, this caused the Palestinians living there to up rise and cause destruction of epic portions. Their rejection of the U.N’s plan caused a major war where Arab states invaded the country to group with Israeli forces to destroy over 400 Palestinian villages. By the end of the war, Israel controlled up to 78% of Palestine.

Palestinians who fled or who were banished during the fighting tried to return to the land that was no longer theirs as it was now a new state which banned Palestinians. Those who stayed during the war became second-rate citizens that were abused regularly by the military.

Today there are millions of Palestinians that still live in refugee camps waiting to return to their homeland. To summarize the Israel-Palestinian war, one group of refugees looking to escape the Nazi war found a much needed home. In the process of occupying that home, a new group of refugees was established and banned from their homeland. This reality has both races of people at tremendous odds with each other. Is this injustice? Perhaps.