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Raamatupidamisteenus Services in Estonia

Raamatupidamisteenus is considered to be both art and science that involves the monitoring of financial transactions with the use of organized accounting methods. Accounting started thousands of years ago when our ancestors started practicing barter or the exchange of goods between two or more parties.

The concept of raamatupidamisteenus is extremely straightforward and simple. It simply involves the recording of financial contracts and business transactions in an orderly and honest manner. It was in the 15th century when a mathematician, Luca Pacioli introduced double-entry bookkeeping system that involves some form of simple accountancy. Times have changed and more sophisticated methods of accounting are being utilized by professionals in keeping track of business transactions of a company.

The Importance of Accounting

Simply put, accounting or raamatupidamisteenus is close monitoring and recording of all business transactions. The most basic purpose of keeping records of all activity is to use date in the analysis and evaluation of the overall performance of a business organization. Accountants are able to come up with figures that prove transactions take place. Additional information from accounting reports are also being used to identify areas where revenues can be increased while reducing expenditures or cost as well.
Data acquired from keeping track of all transactions also provide proof of sale or payment for goods and services. These important pieces of data are then being utilized for inventory purposes.

Accounting or raamatupidamisteenus services are subdivided into two basic types namely cash-based accounting for small businesses and accrual based accounting for larger companies. It is relatively easy to maintain accounts for small businesses, but for medium to large-scale business the double-entry system is being used to monitor cash flow.

If you need the services of a raamatupidamisteenus personnel in Estonia, you may want to check out third-party agencies that specialize in accounting. If you are managing a bigger and more business, it may be required that you develop an in-house accounting department instead. The analysis of financial transactions usually fall on the hands of the accounts and financing department.

At an office setting, this department is responsible in implementing basic accounting tasks such as analysis of planned transactions. They also give their feedback as to whether such proposed transactions will play a positive role in increasing the revenue of the company. In addition, the raamatupidamisteenus department and personnel are responsible for generating financial statements to the management. The date are then presented to upper management for much needed implementation of crucial business strategies.

Accounting personnel need to follow a certain set of accounting rules and standards as prescribed by law. A set of standards gives professionals with a solid framework that needs to be followed at all times. Accounting is all about keeping an honest record of all financial transactions made by key personnel of a business. Deviating from the standards of accounting or raamatupidamisteenus is not uncommon, but companies are warned to strictly follow them in order to avoid sanctions and penalties normally imposed by the government.


What Is Laen Kinnisvara Tagatisel (The Loan Secured by Real Estate)?

Are you on the market for financial services? If so, then it is highly likely that you have already encountered the term“laen kinnisvara tagatisel”(the loan secured by real estate). This type of financial service, as the name already suggests, is a secured loan wherein the security is in the form of a home or any other piece of real estate property.

A Quick Overview

Whenever you take out a loan and the collateral you use to provide the lender with security is your home or other types of real property, the money you are getting is known as a real estate loan.  A promissory note will be signed as proof that you promise to pay back your debts to the lender.

Most loan lending companies prioritize borrowers who are willing to sign up their real estate property as collateral. This is simply because laen kinnisvara tagatisel provides them with security that, in the event the borrower is unable to repay the debt, they will still be able to get back their money.

Most Common Types of Real Estate Secured Loans

First mortgage, second mortgage, home equity, and commercial loans are some of the most common types of loans secured by real estate.

First Mortgage Loans

This is the most popular type of real estate secured loans. When you purchase a piece of real estate property or you refinance your existing one, the loan that you will acquire is called “first mortgage”. The term basically pertains to the fact that the loan lending company is the one that has senior lien on the property, something that is recorded even before other claims are made on your home.

If this is laen kinnisvara tagatisel that you are going to apply for, keep in mind that the total amount you can borrow is based on your home’s collateral value as your income.

Second Mortgages and/or Home Equity Loans

The amount of money that can be borrowed through a second mortgage will depend on your ownership or equity. Second mortgages and home equity loans often refer to the same kind of financial service, as both of them are dependent on the total amount of equity you have in the piece of real estate property.

Of course, it only follows that the greater equity you have in the property and the more valuable your home is, the higher the amount of money you can borrow.

Commercial Loans

You can also apply forlaen kinnisvara tagatiselin the form of a commercial loan. In such a case, you can take out this type of financial service if you want to buy a commercial property or refinance an existing one in your possession. In most cases, commercial loans apply to infrastructures that you use for business purposes or those that you rent out to other people (tenants).

One thing you need to keep in mind before you apply for this kind of real estate secured loan is that the terms and conditions are less attractive than those for residential loans. The interest rates are higher and the repayment periods are shorter for laen kinnisvara tagatiselin such instances.