Best Novels of 2014

With social media such as facebook and Youtube, as well as the numerous other websites that people regularly visit, these are the way that people spend their time today. Downloading their favorite music, TV shows, and movies, the internet is the main source of entertainment for most people.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are these people who have the insatiable hunger to seek entertainment through another medium. This medium is known as books such as novels. Novels are the first movies and television shows that people watched back in the days when the internet was unheard of. Picking up a great novel allowed you to disappear into a different world, a different time, and a different planet. Novels allowed you to live a different life than what you were living.

It seems that many people, especially those born in the internet age, do not know the wonders and joys of reading a great book. Novels have more special effects than any movie as the only effect that they stimulate is your imagination, which no computer graphic design will ever be able to equal. Try reading a good novel today by going to your nearest bookstore or ordering online. Try selecting a book from this list- the best novels of 2014.

Best novels of 2014

•    All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr- This terrific novel is set in the time period of World War II. It is a convergence of two people’s lives as they go about experiencing the trials and hardships of the war. The book is filled with many metaphors. This makes this book one of the best reads of 2014 so far.

•    Half Bad by Sally Green- If you are a fan of multi-franchises of books, this book is the essential book to read. Half Bad is the first book of a trilogy about morality, survival, and witches. Yes that right, witches. This book will captivate your imagination as it has everything that you want in a book such as suspense, mystery, and redemption.

•    Fallout by Sadie Jones- Third on the list is this book by Sadie Jones. Fallout is about the independent 60’s and 70’s theater scene in London. It is about art and how the characters struggled to make art in that era.

•    We Were Liars by E. Lockheart- When it comes to mystery and suspense, this book is perhaps the best amongst 2014 as it is about a girl who experiences amnesia and strives to recover her past.
World of Trouble- Nothing quite pikes the interest as a book about the end of the world. In this apocalyptic masterpiece portrays a man in dire search for his sister so that they can spend the last days of the world together. ith the level of expert writing on this book, this novel will have your heart jumping and your palms sweating profusely.