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Auto Rent Reminders when Planning to Drive in Estonia

There is no shortage of auto rent companies in Estonia. The increasing rise of Estonia’s tourism industry has made a positive impact on transportation services too. Today, there are hundreds of car rental agencies ranging from international names to local businesses.  If you are visiting Estonia soon, the best way to explore the city is by car. Of course, you get these services from auto rent companies that offer great deals at affordable prices.

Before booking that rental car, here are important guidelines that you must strictly follow. This is to avoid any form of confusion or problem when driving around Estonia.

-          Terms and conditions in car rental will vary from company to company. Some companies may be stricter in enforcing their policies, whilst others may be lenient especially among those who travel to Estonia often.

-          Only those21 years old and older are allowed to hire an auto rent in Estonia. You may be allowed to drive at a younger age back in your home country, but this simply does not apply in other countries. Make sure to provide the car rental company with proof that you are of legal age. The driver’s license as well as passport will be more than enough as proof that you are of legal age to drive in Estonia. Also remember that other companies may only allow older drivers to book auto rent in Estonia. For instance, larger companies prohibit drivers under 25 years old to drive in Estonia.

-          Yet another important requirement is that clients need to hold a driver’s license for more than one year. Experienced drivers are obviously favored by car rental companies as they are considered to be low-risk drivers than younger driver’s license holders.

-          You do not have to present an international driver’s license if you plan on booking a rental car in Estonia. Do not forget to bring your driver’s license as this is an important part of booking a car in Estonia.

Auto rent in Estonia may not be the cheapest means to explore the sights and sounds of Estonia.  However this is the case, auto rent is still the most convenient and fastest mean to explore this beautiful country. Make sure to have sufficient funds as car rental prices are not as cheap in this country when compared alongside other European nations. It is recommended to book in advance to avoid inconvenience once you pick up the car from the car rental company office.

Ideally, clients should use their credit cards when making a car rental booking. Majority of car rental companies offer international car insurance when driving abroad. This will significantly reduce the total amount of cost when driving a car rental in Estonia.

If you need gadgets and accessories installed onto your car such as GPS, child seat, and roof rack make the reservations before you pick up the vehicle. These additions are commonly in limited numbers, thus it is wise to reserve them as soon as you can!