Another Day in Paradise

I live in a beautiful place….but sometimes the people that live in it with me are not so beautiful.  There is a lot of selfishness these days and there doesn’t seem to be an end in site.  Too much violence, not enough parenting. Another issue where I live is the need to look like you are worth a million dollars when you probably only make $10,000 a year….living well beyond your means.  Many women go to doctors to receive injections to keep their youthful appearance.  I choose to just use Revitol Eye Cream and definitely sunscreen.  I protect my skin, not wanting to look like an old wrinkled hag when I get older.  People need to worry about taking care of both their insides and outsides.  I hate to see the younger generations going to tanning booths and not caring what so ever about their bodies.  I guess that is the way it will always be.  I try to think about how I am going to explain and get my daughter to understand these things.  Lot’s to think about and I will definitely have to show her the way.

What about me?

I guess it is inevitable. I mean, how else is it supposed to happen. The minute I gave birth to my daughter, life was no longer about me. What does this mean? Am I now redefined by my daughter’s successes and/or failures? What about me? Do I spend money on my self any more? Like when I run out of my favorite eye cream – Revitol Eye Cream, do I spend the money on that, or get something for my daughter? Decisions, Decisions. I mean, it really is no choice. Of course I want to do everything to make my daughter happy, but I can’t lose myself in the process.  Raising children these days is hard.  They are too smart at too young of an age.  I find myself already being manipulated by my 4 years old daughter.  She is good, let me tell you.  We just have to do the best we can and hope for the best.  Lead them towards the right paths and hope they take it.